Hi-Nd Sustainability work

ISO 26000 sustainability standard aimed for companies, identifies different areas within sustainability. The 17 global goals constitutes a detailed plan for all countries to accomplish in order to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainable development.

Out of the 17 global goals, Hi-Nd has identified 3 main goals (M, K and A) and 6 sub targets (M1, M2, M3, K2, K7 and E4) to focus on initially. 

Environment & Climate (M)

How can we decrease our negative impact on the environment and climate? We have acknowledged two major categories where we have the most negative impact; transports and steel production

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M1. Choice of material

Most of our products consists in various amounts of steel. Steel is one of the most recycled materials but due to a long life cycle there is not enough recycled steel available to cover the market demand. The existing recycled steel is considered a premium product and therefore offered to a higher premium price. SSAB are starting to develop fossil free developed steel, and the goal is to be 100% fossil free at 2045. Our goal is to start using fossil free steel as soon as it is available in the market.

Glass vs recycled plastic

M2: Sustainable use of resources

We design all of our own products and in the designing process we constantly have a focus on enforcing a sustainable use of products. For example;

  • in production we optimize the sheets of steel to avoid waste
  • we try to create universal solutions of our products to fit more screens
  • we remove unneccessary material from products, such as fans, as much as possible  
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M3. Impact on climate

In order to get better control and insight of the production we have chosen to only use producers within the European Union. For the same reason and also due to negative climate impact on shipping we no longer order any products from China.

Kanske trycka hårdare på miljöfrågan här? Och vissa på vad produktion i Europa v produktion i kina innebär avseende koldioxidutsläpp från frakt?

Exempelvis: Vår tidigare produktion i Kina innebar långa fraktvägar. Genom att år x flytta hem produktionen till Europa har vi sparat in XXX CO2 utsläpp. Eller….tagit bort x km fraktväg som innebär en minskning av våra utsläpp med X/år….

Today we ship all our products wihín the European Union.

Do you want to participate to create a more sustainable business?

Place your order in time to help us prevent unneccessary fast deliveries Lägg din beställning i god tid för att hjälpa oss att förhindra onödiga snabbleveranser.

Consumers & Customers (K)

How can we make these issues important to our consumers and customers? How can we

K2. Assure safe products and services

In order to assure our products are keeping as high quality as possible and to make it possible for our customers to keep their warranty towards screen producers it is of great importance for us to adapt to the screens and their attributes. When designing a new product we always send our construction drafts to Samsung quality department. After the review we receive an approval when all demands on the products are achieved. As a result we can offer our customers secure purchases of our products.  

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K7. Incite/Motivate consumers and customers

It is of great importance for us to educate and motivate our customers to learn more about our processes to further develop our sustainability work.

Business ethics (E)

Business ethics 

E4. To work for a sustainable value chain

It is of great importance for us to ensure a sustainable value chain which is one of the reasons (apart from M3) of why we have chosen to keep all production within the European Union. This, since there are laws and regulations to keep control of and insight within the production. Additionally, we are currently working on our own sustainability policies to further ensure the whole value chain.